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Your Perfect Wedding in Israel

With endless sandy beaches, dramatic backdrops and a culture infused with passion and a zest for life, a wedding in Israel offers the perfect mix of the traditional and the cosmopolitan.

From chuppahs and caterers to entertainers and venues, we can help you create your dream wedding in Israel. We are specialists in planning Jewish functions, blending age old customs with unbridled creativity to make your wedding simply spectacular.

With years of expertise we provide a service that only a local presence really ensures, that intrinsic knowledge of the best suppliers, stunning venues and all the little details that make up a perfect wedding in Israel.

Unique and Individual

Whether it’s a moonlit beach party in Herzliya or a traditional event amidst Jerusalem’s ancient ruins, we understand that planning your perfect wedding in Israel is about more than simply ticking boxes. We passionately believe that every couple is unique, with their own distinctive ideas for their special day.

Whatever your vision for your big day, our dedicated Tel Aviv team, led by Orchid founder and acclaimed wedding expert Sarah Balfour, is committed to bringing your concept to life. We’ll work with you to infuse your wedding with your own personal style and a touch of Israeli culture, all while reflecting you as a couple. Whether you want something traditional or contemporary, ancient or modern, our service is entirely bespoke and tailor-made to you.

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Whether you need help planning a unique wedding, a stylish corporate function or are seeking inspired Bar Mitzvah ideas, Orchid Events are here to assist you in creating your special occasion. Use the button below to let us know about your next event, to see how we can help!

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With You Every Step of the Way

We want you to enjoy not only the wedding day itself, but the entire experience, from the excitement of your initial ideas to the indulgence of food tasting and the exhilaration of the ceremony. We don’t want you to be weighed down by stress, practical details and endless paperwork. That’s why we’re on hand from start to finish, from the first key decisions to the final farewells.

We take care of everything, from finding a venue and appropriate accommodation to florists, caterers, entertainment, guest care and more. We’ll even help organise the legal and religious practicalities. And, of course, our reassuring presence on the day ensures a smooth flow and seamless transitions throughout.

Perfection Made Effortless 

We combine knowledge, passion, creativity and care to ensure that creating your ideal wedding in Israel is not only stress free and seamless, but enjoyable. From our offices in both Tel Aviv and London, our expert team can manage every detail and ensure that nothing is forgotten, including:

  • Your Venue: an ideal location to suit you as a couple
  • Caterers and Bar: fantastic food and drink infused with inspirational ideas
  • Music and Entertainment: exceptional acts from bands and DJ’s to the best local talent
  • Hair and makeup: so you look and feel your best on your special day
  • Photographers and videographers: you enjoy the moment, we’ll make it last forever
  • Event Stationery: the ideal way to set the mood in the months leading up to your wedding in Israel
  • Theme and Design: bringing your vision to life and exceeding your expectations
  • Flowers and Decor: we’ll come up with a bespoke design and introduce you to outstanding florists who will fit your style and budget

We do all the searching, negotiating, planning and budgeting as well as dealing with the details, so all you need to do is choose the elements you love.

Jewish Traditions

A Jewish wedding involves beautiful traditions and ceremonies, which we will ensure feel like they’re distinctly yours.

For the bride, we can find a peaceful and beautiful place in which to perform the mikvah. We can also help create a stunning chuppah, as well as ensuring that there are plenty of kippot and prayer books for you and your guests. We can also assist you in finding a rabbi in Israel or you can choose to fly in your rabbi from home. Once the ceremony is over, we’ll arrange a private room for the yichud.

Managing Formalities

When you dream of your ideal wedding in Israel, you almost certainly don’t imagine piles of paperwork. We work to minimise the formalities, so your romantic vision remains intact. We can guide you through the often lengthy legal process of opening a file in the Rabbanut and deal with it on your behalf.

If you’re thinking of getting married in Israel or for more details on the event planning services we can offer in creating your perfect wedding in Israel, please feel free to contact us.

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