A variety of stationary Stationary is an important part of any event; it’s the first part of the event that your guests will see! It’s the advertising tool, getting your guests excited to attend your event. It's is a great way to pull a theme together. Whether you want to get your invitations professionally made [...]

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Discover Israel

Discover Israel and some of its hidden gems! Are you planning a small family trip to Israel? Are you having a big event with family and friends coming from across the globe?  If so I will take care of all your arrangements, leaving you totally free to enjoy the whole experience while you discover Israel. [...]

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Absolutely Weddings Magazine on Orchid Events

Absolutely Weddings Magazine: Perfect party planning As read on Absolutely weddings magazine.  "First and foremost, let your imagination run wild, because Orchid Events has the skills and passion to organise your perfect luxury wedding." Is your dream wedding cascading flowers in a mediaeval castle bohemian chic in a hip art gallery?  Or understated elegance in [...]

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Weddings Abroad

Because who doesn’t love to travel? Destination weddings are always popular and here at Orchid Events. Our years of experience in wedding planning have resulted in numerous weddings abroad. Making us comfortable working all around the world. We’ve planned weddings abroad, all the way in Israel, to the beautiful rustic Italy, sunny Portugal and in [...]

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Bar Mitzvah Inspiration Moodboard

Bar Mitzvah inspiration, in a moodboard! If you’re looking for some inspiration for your Bar Mitzvah, you’ve found the right spot! We’ve created a moodboard of some of our favourite ideas for a Bar Mitzvah, as well as some inspiration for unique and creative touches. A great way to get all the guests talking, is [...]

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Wedding planner in Israel

If you are looking for a wedding planner in Israel stop right here! I have over 14 years experience planning weddings across the world, and a passion for creating amazing events.  I'd be delighted to help you create your dream wedding here in Israel. First of all, allow me to introduce myself! Shalom, I’m Sarah! [...]

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Xtatic Entertain

"Sarah Balfour, representing function band Xtatic, says it is important for entertainment providers to be flexible and tailor performances to the couple's needs. (...)"

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