Involving the groom might be tricky as he might consider planning the wedding a “girl’s job”. However, you need to look at planning for your big day as a chance to take on a large task as a couple. After all, planning this day will probably be the first major project of your life together. It’s important that both of you are involved. In order to include your husband-to-be, we suggest discussing with him which aspects of the planning he would be happy to take on.

You can both be responsible for a few things and then make all the important decisions together. Grooms usually enjoy taking the responsibility of selecting the band or DJ. Ask him to make a shortlist by contacting them to check availability, prices, style of music. You can then enjoy going to see the shortlisted bands and DJ’s as a fun night out as a couple! If you want to point him in the right direction for your wedding music tell him to have a look at, by far our favourite band on the circuit.

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