Choosing your wedding venue is probably one of the most crucial steps in planning your big day. If you have decided to be original and different then go for it! There are many hidden gems and original wedding venues available in London and all over England. Here are just a few examples:

  • For a wedding with English style in a unique and exclusive venue, it is worth contacting English Heritage or the National Trust of Scotland. Whether it be a famous historical building or a hidden treasure, many places you wouldn’t imagine can host weddings. Have a look at Kate and Jonathan’s wedding that we planned in a beautiful English Heritage Mansion in London
  • You could also have a river wedding, either on a cruise boat or on a landmark ship such as the HMS Belfast or the RS Hispaniola, both in London. Another way of giving “motion” to your big day is to have your ceremony and wedding party on The Royal Scotsman, one of the world’s most luxurious trains.
  • Some airports also offer unsuspected  wedding settings.
  • Most museums and art galleries are also wedding venues. Why not have your wedding in a museum exhibiting your favorite artist’s master chiefs? We have planned event at The Victoria and Albert Museum. It is such a landmark venue and a beautiful setting it always wows guests.
  • If you are football fans, consider approaching your favorite football club to exchange vows on your team’s field.

The best way of finding an original wedding venue is to keep your eyes open and contact places you wouldn’t normally think of. They might not be licensed for your wedding ceremony but they might well be able to offer you a spectacular wedding reception venue!

This is what Heather and Jean Marc did when they chose Pinewood studios for their glamorous holywood inspired big day.

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