Inspiring Wedding Venues

Choosing your wedding venue is probably one of the most crucial steps in planning your big day. If you have decided to be original and different then go for it! There are many hidden gems and original wedding venues available in London and all over England. Here are just a few examples: For a wedding with [...]

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Children at Weddings

The issue of children at weddings is always delicate and it takes a lot of thinking. While it is perfectly understandable that you don’t have roaring babies in your dream it is important to find a diplomatic way of explaining this as some parents might not understand why you don’t want their toddlers around! If [...]

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Getting the Groom involved

Involving the groom might be tricky as he might consider planning the wedding a "girl's job". However, you need to look at planning for your big day as a chance to take on a large task as a couple. After all, planning this day will probably be the first major project of your life together. [...]

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